ARCH BAY is an independent firm of Architects, Planners,
Urban Engineers and Consultants.
 ARCH BAY deals with Architecture, Interior Design,
Landscape design, Urban Design, Façade Design, Vastu
Consultation, Architectural 3D Visualization, Design
Consultation, Furniture, and Art, to complete turnkey
 ARCH BAY was founded on the belief that Architecture has
the power to transform our lives in commerce, our
culture or our communities. By gaining a holistic view of
our clients’ vision, needs, and context, and adding
creativity and innovation, our work solves complex
problems and transforms our clients’ businesses and
visions. We believe that built environments should
reflect context, history, cultures, communities, and the
natural environment while incorporating advances in
technology. Our goal is to create a positive change
change for our client’s businesses, brands, and
organizations and change for our society and
generations to come
 Determining the best technology is sort of a back and
forth process. We interview the client to find out what
they want and then we come back and suggest to them
what will meet their needs? We use some very good
technology consultants to work out the details, to
determine what is the state of the art on the market at
that time. We are constantly updating that.